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Circuit Board Problems (CBP) is an online resource for those interested in learning and sharing their electronic troubleshooting tips and information. It is not a site where you will find heavy discussions on world politics, the latest fashions or who Taylor Swift is dating right now. BUT, if you want to know more about isolating a degrading electrolytic capacitor or methods for tracing short circuits, you have come to the right place. That’s right, Nerdville.
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This site will change and update often as input is received and the techies chime in with their tips, tricks and bottled up knowledge. For now, new postings and articles will be added by the site Admin so feel free to send your input, comments, complaints and general suggestions to admin@circuitboardproblems.com

In the interest of full disclosure, CBP is sponsored by Huntron, Inc., the manufacturer of Huntron Trackers, Access Probers and Huntron Workstation software. There will be information presented here that uses products from Huntron but the goal is provide a useful resource for all technicians, engineers and hobbyists regardless of the hardware or software used.