Updates to the Gallery of Bad – Letting the Smoke Out!

fried cap5We recently had a circuit board come in that had been subjected to some SERIOUS over-voltage stress. Needless to say, there were blown and fried components a-plenty. The board itself is probably not repairable but we did take the opportunity to take several images and post them in the Gallery of Bad. The Gallery of Bad now has two sections, “General Chaos and Destruction!” and “Manufacturing Gone Bad” based on the type of failure. Of course most of us at Circuit Board Problems think the “General Chaos and Destruction!” gallery is a lot of fun.
Enjoy and remember, if you have any interesting images that might fit well into the Gallery of Bad, sent them to us!

2 thoughts on “Updates to the Gallery of Bad – Letting the Smoke Out!

  1. Web site looks good. How do I put a photograph on this site of a component that nobody could identify.
    Stopped me repairing a pump controller.
    Please reply on my email address.

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