Circuit Board Troubleshooting Flowchart

Question: Does the world need another blog cluttering up the internet cyberspace!
Answer: Absolutely! Especially if your interest is troubleshooting electronic circuit boards and all of the subjects that revolve around it.

Question: What will you find on this site?
Answer: Tips, tricks, white papers, technical bulletins, web site links and more all dealing with the world of electronic circuit board problems and repair.

Question: Who will be posting information on this site?
Answer: Initially, the site admin will publish content but as the site gains speed we hope to have additional contributors present their knowledge for everyone’s enjoyment.

Question: What will be your first useful post?
Answer: This electronic circuit board troubleshooting flowchart was originally developed by Dan Bell and Curtis Smith of Huntron. Over the years it has been modified to fit better within today’s troubleshooting environment. As always, feel free to suggest changes or additions to make this chart better.
Although this chart does not cover specific troubleshooting methods on faulty boards, it does describe the general process of what to do when a “suspect” board is received.
Here is a direct link to a PDF version of the chart:
Troubleshooting Process flowchart PDF

Troubleshooting Process flowchart

Troubleshooting Process flowchart